2024 Solar Eclipse: Diamond Ring shot by Gary Weiler

Gary and I have been close friends for almost forty years. This was our first Total Eclipse Expedition together. It was an amazing experience. This shot was part of a sequence of nearly five thousand images shot with his Vespera 2 system. I did some color correction to get it “normal”. The solar flares were even brighter than they appear in this image. Incredible. Much thanks to Jeremy, John, Clete, et al for the technical support and camaraderie. It was a deeply profound experience on many levels.

#SolarEclipse2024 #DiamondRing

Sun stats: 0;2;0;0.002379, exposure: 1µs , gain: 0dB

2 Replies to “2024 Solar Eclipse: Diamond Ring shot by Gary Weiler”

    1. John-
      It was an honor and a pleasure having such a great group with whom to share the experience. Thank you for being a key component of it! Gary just headed home to the midwest yesterday so I’ve got a LOT of work to do in the coming days. It may take a bit longer than the “couple of days” I had originally hoped for but rest assured you will see yourself in the documentary soon enough!

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